Top 4 Winter Escapade Destinations in the U.S.

Winter escapades are best done in places where there are more sun and less snow, if not lots of sun and no snow at all. That is why sunny cities in California and Florida are most sought-after for winter holidays because although it’s winter in most parts of the country, these two states provide perfectly sunny days, allowing holidaymakers a time to break away from the cold.

San Diego, CA

Having an average of 146 sunny days in a year is already a remarkable thing, especially when the rest of the country is freezing cold. Winter season in San Diego is at 65 degrees on average high and rarely ever goes below zero, warm enough to stay outside and have some shopping, sightseeing, swimming in the beach or playing at the park with the family. For a family-friendly trip, head to San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego or ride the infamous USS Midway aircraft carrier.

Orlando, FL

Mild weather in Florida allows vacation goers to have more fun time under the sun than any other place in the east. With charming beaches and theme parks, there is much to do in Florida while other parts of the country are cuddling beside the fireplace. Night and day, holidaymakers can have loads of entertainment and fun, while keeping warm with Florida’s weather and with each other’s company.

Brownsville, TX

Some people just hate thick snows, and the warm winds in Brownsville in winter provide just about the perfect contrast. Few rainy days in winter and bright, sunny days make an ideal weather for some uninterrupted outdoor sports such as golf and tennis. The outdoors of Brownsville are beckoning, and practically nothing can keep anyone from staying indoors, not even the rain.

Yuma, AZ

Yuma’s lovely sunny weather brings in more guests wanting to escape winter. No other city in America is as dry as Yuma, so it is the perfect venue for outdoor itinerary. There is no beach here, but there are tons of natural and manmade wonders to explore, including historic structures, wildlife and scenic terrains.