Tips on First Visit to Friesland – What to Do in Friesland

What to Do in Friesland?

Friesland is a popular tourist destination for its numerous historic cities, beautiful landscapes, and many lakes, among other things. Even when you don’t know to translate to Frisian, you’ll always find something to do in the region. This province is located in the northern part of the Netherlands. Therefore, if you are looking for a cool place to spend your summer holidays, you should consider a visit to Friesland.

6 Things to Do in Friesland

Tourists who visit Friesland can go to different places, engage in various activities such as cycling and water sports among others. One way of enhancing your experience in Friesland is by . You can identify simple phrases in English and translate to Frisian as a way of interacting with the locals. Nevertheless, although Dutch and Frisian are the official languages in the country, most people in this province can communicate in English. Here’s is a list of some of the things that you can do in the region.

  • Visit Leeuwarden

The city is regarded as the Cultural Capital of Europe. Visitors to Friesland’s capital can learn the history and culture of the local people in over 600 monuments. Moreover, the city has modern buildings that are also beautiful. The town has various pubs and restaurants where you can spend your time in the evening. If you translate to Frisian, you are likely to interact with the locals better.

You can walk around the city with the help of a local guide and learn about the history of the town, including some of the most notable inhabitants of the area, such as Mata Hari, among others. You can visit other places like the unfinished Oldehove church, which is 39 meters high. At the Fries Museum, you will learn how people lived a few centuries ago. Each floor of this interesting museum covers a given theme.

  • Visit Workum

Workum is another cool place that you should visit in Friesland. The Jopie Huisman Museum is located in the city and offers you an opportunity to learn about this celebrated and self-taught master painter. During the visit, you will learn about his love for nature through his works. You can take a walking tour to explore Workum further. Local guides can be important since they offer an opportunity to teach you more about the history and culture of the city residents. At Erfskip Museum, you will learn about this city, which was a busy port in the 18th century. Don’t complete your Workum visit without going to Gertrudiskerk, which is regarded as the oldest church in the province.

  • Water sports in Friesland

Friesland is one of the unique places in Europe due to the high number of lakes in the region. Visitors in this area can engage in various activities such as water skiing, kite surfing, and sailing among others. If you like fishing, you can go to various lakes such as the Slotermeer and the Sneekermeer. During summer, this place receives a high number of tourists due to the multiple events that take place. Therefore, you should visit this place during the warm months for the best experience.

  • Visit Ameland

Ameland is one of the various islands in Friesland. Biking is the best way to explore the island. Although the island is quite windy, the biking paths are well- marked, making it easy for the visitors to ride around. Just like in most of the cities in the country, you can rent a bike on this island. If you are planning to spend a few days on the island, the bike owners will charge you per day.

You can also take a walk on the seabed. During low tide, you can walk 10 km from the island to the mainland on an excursion commonly called Mud Flat Walking. Before completing your tour, take a trip on an electric mini-jeep to explore the island further.

  • Keramiek Museum Princessehof

Princessehof is a 17th-century building that belonged to the celebrated Dutch artist called MC Escher. As the country’s ceramic museum, the mansion has the largest collection of tiles on earth. The museum holds products from not only the country but others such as Vietnam, China, and Japan. Therefore, you can visit this museum to learn how different people have been making their utensils.

  • Visit Elfstedentocht

If you love skating, then you must have heard about Elfstedentocht. Since 1909, skaters from The Netherland and the rest of the world have been participating in this event. During this 200 km race, the skaters pass through 11 cities in Friesland when the canals are frozen. However, although the event has been in existence for over a century, it has only been held 15 times, with the 1997 event being the last one. If you are lucky to visit Friesland during such times, you can participate or witness this historic race.

If you are planning to visit Friesland soon, we hope this guide will help you to determine how you’ll spend your time there. Although this list is not exhaustive, it’s a good starting point when you don’t have an idea what you to do in Friesland.